Theresa's Must See Sites and Resources

High School
SparkNotes - Way more than book cheats!
High School Ace!!
How Stuff Works!
Librarian's Index to the Internet
Website Analysis
Reference, Facts & News
KidsClick Librarian's Web Search for Kids
Great place for Primary sources! Awesome
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Password: cclib43

Got Questions We've got answers

How to Find the Library Printer

Middle School
NOT just for High School Ace
Librarian's Index to the Internet
KidsClick! Web Search for Kids
Cool Math PreAlgebra
Geometry Cool Math
Cool Snap Maps of the World

Cybrarian Site
Mrs. Guillermo's Technology Page
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Typing Web

Elementary School

ABCya! Educational Games & Activities
ALA - Great Web Sites For Kids
Classics for Kids
Kids Discovery
Good Character Elementary
FunBrain - K-8 Kids & Teachers
McGruff's Homepage
HIP Pocket Change - US Mint
Newsmania Game - Trivia
Cool Math 4 Kids
Dollars and Sense for Kids
Fact Monster
Time for Kids
Science News for Kids
Sports Illustrated Kids
National Geographic for Kids

Teachers, Staff, and Parents

Good Character - for Elementary, Middle, and High School Levels
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Teachers
Race: Are We So Different
Great links for Kids, Parents & Teachers
US Mint for Educators
Librarian's Index to the Internet
Current Events from KidsClick!
Survey Monkey
Go View Screencasting
National Geographic - Education
Smithsonian Institute
Yahoo! YoLink Advanced Searching
You Tube EDU
Lumosity - brain games & brain training