The Colorado Blue Spruce Young Adult Book Award recognizes the most popular books among middle and high school students in the State of Colorado. Teens nominate their favorite titles and select the winner - . The Colorado Blue Spruce website has all the materials needed to participate in the Blue Spruce Award. Everything found on that site may be freely printed and distributed.

Why do I love the Blue Spruce Young Adult Book Award? My students get to impact what books get on the list!!

  • The Blue Spruce nominees cover a very wide range of interests (and "commitment" levels) for all kinds of teens. There are a number of books nominated for young teen, YA, and adult interests. I'm especially excited to see the Charlie Small series and author Mike Lupica get nominated this year. These are guaranteed to draw-in your reluctant guy readers! There are also some gritty, emotion wrenching books that appeal to most teen readers. As always, parents should talk to their kids about what they're reading. These make great teachable moments!

  • There always seems to be a hidden gem on the list! It doesn't matter how hard I try to anticipate what will be popular, I'll miss one! Blue Spruce 2007 was how I found out about Twilight!

  • The beauty of Blue Spruce is, if you aren't finding what you want on this year's list, you can impact what gets on next year's list. Find out more at the official website - follow the link below, or email me at

Click here for a list of the current nominees