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Those Dark Hiding Places: The Invisible Web Revealed
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Great Voicethread
showing different ways students
might illustrate the same poem or book
How To: More On-Line Audio Options - AudioBoo, Chirps & Twaud.io & ChirbitProblem-solving and Critical thinking skills can be enhanced
while teaching them outside the box. Connect with other
schools or classrooms, maybe even from other countries!
Really expand your classroom!

I love to see all

the work you and your clever kids create! Mrs. H

Visit the Voicethread Digital Library
See how other teachers have used voicethread in the class
Examples for all grades and subjects - Writing, Reading, Math,
Science, Technology, Music...
"I Am" poems set in a voicethread.
I'd love to hear WMS read their
poems and create a voicethread!!
More sites and ways to Story Tell from CPS
Zooburst 3D pop-up books